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Schools and Nurseries

Fundraising can help your school or youth group to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum on Citizenship, or youth education programmes. It can also be fun, whatever the age groups involved!

There are many ways that your school can help Taylan's Project. You could take part in an exciting activity or hold your own fundraising event. If you have an interesting idea that you would like to tell us about, please let us know. To kick things off, below we have listed a number of possible fundraising ideas that might be right up your street:


Wear a Hat Day Campaign

Take part in our ‘Wear a Hat Day' campaign for Brain Tumour Awareness Month, in March. The next date is Thursday 29th March 2018 so start planning!

It's simple - ask the children to wear a hat for the day and donate £1! Teachers too, of course! You could give a prize to the most creative hat, sell cakes, hold a small raffle - there's plenty of scope to have fun! Posters and literature are available to help promote your day, including collection tins, badges and boxes, if required.


Dress Down Day

Wear your casual clothes for the day and charge everyone £1 each for the privilege.


Sporting Events

Use existing sporting interests, such as football, rugby, cycling, tennis, swimming, running, skateboarding, or any other suitable activity, to create an event or ‘Fun Day' where the profits raised become a charitable donation. Tickets could be sold to watch a football match between teachers and pupils, for example. You could even make your sporting events into challenges and get sponsored, such as a sponsored Swimathon.


Social Events

Why not organise a social event, such as a karaoke evening where people would pay to perform their favourite pop anthem! Or, you could hold your own disco and dance the evening away.


Hold a Concert or Show

You could plan a concert, fashion show or variety show, using local companies, hairdressers and clothes shops to assist with the preparations (if you do, don't forget to thank them in the programme!) Why not involve musicians or invite a guest artist to support the occasion? You could also sell tickets in advance and raise extra funds through a raffle or tombola and/or selling drinks and refreshments on the night. Or, in the summer, a BBQ is a great idea!


Organise a Sponsored Event

There are all sorts of ideas for sponsored events, some of which have already been mentioned. How about getting sponsored to stay silent for the day (we're sure that many a teacher will support this idea!)? Or, you could organise a sponsored swim, walk, run or bike ride. Almost anything can be sponsored - you just need a little imagination. But remember to take care of your own safety and that of everyone else taking part. Oh, and whatever you decide to do, we can provide you and your school/nursery/group with all the support you need.



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