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50 Mile Ultra Trail Challenge



Well done Manu!TP_2014_FundRaising_01.png

Manu completed his 50.8 mile run over the hills of the North Downs Way in 10 hours 51 minutes on 17th May!

He was hoping for 10 hours but, despite doing a 30 mile run whilst training and feeling really good, during the challenge day and at 30 miles he hit a wall and also began to cramp.

But there was no way he was giving up and after walking the next six miles (eating peanuts!) he gradually began to feel better and got a second wind.

At the top of Botley Hill (after 43 miles) his family said he was surprisingly looking decidedly perkier than earlier.

However, the last 3 miles were a real killer over hard rutted farmland mud but he was determined to complete it.

He found the whole trail a lot harder than he thought it would be, but completed it in memory of his beautiful daughter and we are all extremely proud of him and his efforts. Well done Manu and thank you for taking on such a tough challenge to help raise vital funds for research!



TP_2014_FundRaising_02.pngJust 3 months before we lost Taylan, Manu and Karen lost their beautiful daughter Jasmine to the same tumour. She was nine and had so much to live for.

Both Karen and Manu were our absolute rock throughout Taylan’s illness as they were unfortunately a bit further down the line and had already gone through treatments before us so were able to advise us and calm us down when times got really tough. We laughed, we cried, we researched and sadly in the end, we lost.

They both fundraise on a more personal level locally but kindly send any money or donations to Taylan’s Project in their daughters memory because like us and other families, they want to change the future and find a cure.

On 16th May it was Jasmine’s 5th anniversary. For the last year, Manu has been training for a 50 mile trail race which will take place on 17 May across the Surrey Hills from Farnham to Knockholt Pounds in Kent. He qualified for it by completing the Farnham marathon last October and he is hoping to complete it in 10 hours which is a huge challenge and requires a lot of hard work and focus over a long period.

He knows though that it will be worth the effort but needs your help too. 

Please can you visit his Justgiving page and donate a few pounds.

Thank you for your support.



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