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Chloe's Challenges 2014


Well done to Chloe who completed the Otmoor Half Marathon on 7th June raising £490!  Please support her next challenge which is the Tough Mudder taking place later on in the year and help her to reach her target of £1,000.

Chloe's fundraising page


On 7th June 2014, Chloe Johnson is taking part in the Otmoor Challenge Half Marathon to help raise vital funds for Taylan's Project and then the Tough Mudder Challenge later on in the year.

Chloe used to live opposite us and Taylan was extremely fond of her and her sister Amy, despite them being much older than him!  Every morning, he would look out of his bedroom window to wave them off as they went to school and then knock on their door at the weekends so they can take him to the park.  They never minded and he was extremely upset when they moved away.

Not long after, Taylan was diagnosed with his brain tumour and we had to travel back and forth to Oxford for his radiotherapy, ironically having to go passed the school the girls used to attend.  He would peer out of the car window looking at the school gates and bus stops, desperately trying to get a glimpse of them but never did.

On 23rd December, he completed his radiotherapy so we managed to arrange a day to go and see them at their new home. We decided to go on New Years Day and he was ever so excited. The girls never treated him any different and he was so happy to be in their presence again. This was sadly the last time they saw each other but as families we kept in touch.

Chloe had spoken about doing something in Taylan's memory for a while but never got the chance due to studying so hard and working towards her exams but wanted to set herself a goal to work towards once they were all over.  We are extremely humbled with her kindness and how she has found time to train no one knows but she is determined to take on this challenge.

Please take a minute out of your time and visit her Justgiving Page.  Your generosity and donation will truly mean so much to her.

We wish her all the very best of luck on the day and know Taylan will help her that day to reach her goal....the finish line.

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