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David Cameron supports Brain Tumour Research

Following the recent launch at the House of Commons of the new report revealing the current funding flows for cancer, David Cameron has spoken of his appreciation for the work of Brain Tumour Research.

 He says:

“Brain cancer is a devastating disease and losing someone you love to such an aggressive illness is not only traumatic but also extremely distressing for the family and friends left behind. 

I welcome this new Brain Tumour Research report, produced by New Philanthropy Capital, bringing us up to date on the funding flows for cancer research.

This Government is committed to funding the fight against cancer and preventing people from dying prematurely is one of the five key focal points in our new NHS Outcomes Framework.

I applaud the important work being funded by the Brain Tumour Research charity and wish them all success with their annual fundraising campaign “Wear A Hat Day” on the 28th of March.”


Source: Brain Tumour Research

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