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Hadrian's Wall 2013



A huge well done to Simon Bradbury for completing this major task. We are extremely grateful to you for taking part, your family for allowing you to train, your friends, family and colleagues for donating! Simon raised over an incredible £800 for vital research into brain tumours.


As you know, nothing for Taylan’s Project is done half-heartedly and all our supporters really take on some amazing challenges to raise awareness and funds.  On 22nd of June, Simon Bradbury will be attempting to take on Hadrian’s Wall, running (we hope!) 69 miles in less than 24 hours!  The thought of it is exhausting and we cannot even imagine what it is going to be like except really tough. 

So...... please visit Simon’s Justgiving page and donate what you can because a cure for brain tumours cannot wait.  We really need your help now and Simon really needs the support. Thank you




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