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Kelly Marches in March


Kelly Jo Hearsey has completed the "Cami de Cavalls" walk in Menorca for Taylan's Project. She hiked for 114 miles in a week around the entire coastline of the island, sleeping in a cave and on beaches along the way. It was a very tough hike with nasty weather and huge distances to contend with but she made it with Taylan always close by to push her along.  Kelly will be updating us with her video blog very soon. x


Many of you may remember, not long after Taylan passed away a dear friend of ours Kelly Jo Hearsey decided to take on a challenge of a lifetime in memory of our beautiful boy, to help raise vital funds for research into brain tumours. She climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with Mandy Bocker and called their duo team ‘KellyMandJaro’ raising over £6,000. She even found the time to entertain us with her fabulous blogs!

Her son Jay and Taylan both attended the same pre-school and school, becoming good friends over the years, until their friendship was tragically cut short with Taylan’s passing. Kelly’s daughter Millie was also in the same class and school as our other son Kaya so naturally, we all became extremely good friends and we love the Hearsey family dearly....for whom they are and what they do for us.

Kelly is a talented photographer (Kelly Jo Photography ) who did our last ever family photo shoot and is the one that took the infamous photo of Taylan which we use for Taylan’s Project. She was with us all the time, supporting us through our most darkest hours and also created a beautiful keepsake album of Taylan for us which we will cherish forever. Her help still continues, assisting us with events and does all our videos we use at our charity balls and her husband Glenn provides us with fabulous tills (GMH Cash Registers) for all our events and you may remember recently, he kayaked the length of the Thames solo for our cause, raising £2,000. She also walked over hot coals for Taylan's Project!  An incredible family to say the least.

Now Kelly has decided she wants to take on another crazy challenge…..but this time for Taylan and Bridgette. Last year, Kelly unfortunately lost her dear friend Bridgette…to a brain tumour too and this has left Kelly feeling extremely angry and frustrated that the same disease has robbed herself and her son from their good friends due to lack of underfunding and research.

She needs your help; we need you help so this world stops losing such amazing and special people that is leaving a huge gap in everyone’s lives. Families are being left devastated but you can help us make a difference.

Please please watch her blog and find out what she is doing and where the money will be going. Please also remember to share this with your friends and family. Thank you x

Watch Kelly's Challenge

Message from Kelly

IMPORTANT!!!!!! justgiving.com is not set up to allow you to donate to more than one charity on one page. Please PLEASE, if you are considering a very kind donation, I would be so grateful if you could split whatever amount you're considering in two so that Taylan's Project (Brain Tumour Research) and Rennie Grove Hospice (for Bridgette) get equal donations. Thank you

Justgiving Page for Taylan

Justgiving Page for Bridgette

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