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Launch of the 3rd Centre of Excellence - Plymouth

Pioneering with Plymouth: Historic new chapter in cancer research begins as Brain Tumour Research launch the UK’s first Research Centre of Excellence into low-grade brain tumours at Plymouth University

Patients, carers, scientists, clinicians and charities from across the UK gathered on 20th November for the launch of an historic new partnership. Together with Plymouth University, Brain Tumour Research have established a new Research Centre of Excellence, bringing some of the most overlooked forms of brain tumours into sharp focus.

Around 4,300 people are diagnosed with a low-grade brain tumour in the UK each year. The new Centre of Excellence sits within Plymouth University Schools of Dentistry and Medicine and is being led by Professor Oliver Hanemann. With an already established reputation as a leading facility in Europe looking at low-grade brain tumours, the results from this research will inform investigations into high-grade tumours as high and low-grade tumours share some common features. The team are working in collaboration with scientists based at Brain Tumour Research’s network of Centres of Excellence across the UK.

Read the full press release here.

Learn more about the partnership on Plymouth University’s website.



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