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The Olympic Torch and our moment to shine!


What a day!

Carrying the Olympic Torch in London just 2 days before the Games was an incredible, emotional and overwhelming experience despite it being 32 degrees and having to run up a hill for 370 yards!

The crowds, cheers, support and having my family and friends with me was truly special and a day I will never forget.
I would like to thank all of those who supported me, especially my wonderful husband Andy and wonderful boys. Thank you also to Mark Hollands from BMW Vines for nominating me and making this dream come true. In honour of our beautiful son Taylan who we miss so much and those on their brain tumour journey, this was for you.
It was a real honour to run with some of the torchbearers and hear their incredible and amazing stories. So many inspiring people out there from all different walks of life and that is what the torch is all about.
The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and it all had an amazing feel to it.
I have had lots of wonderful messages and beautiful words of encouragement and it is the support we have around us that keeps us going.
Thank you
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