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Taylan's Project Firewalk


On 17th November 2012, 10 brave and courageous people, including Taylan's mother Figen took part in a challenge of a lifetime and the shortest ever fundraising event, to raise vital funds for research into brain tumours. 

The event took place at the beautiful Courtyard at Claydon House, Buckinghamshire where friends and family gathered to support the team and having attended just a 1 hour seminar before the walk itself, the team was ready to go but just the once was not enough, they each walked over it 3 times!

Figen said 'Some may think I am mental but this challenge does not compare to anything like losing a child. It has been 3 years since we lost our beautiful son Taylan and the fire burns continuously in my heart. The thought of not seeing him again, the thought of not hearing his voice ever again, the thought of not being able to touch him, see his smile or watch him grow up into the fine young man he would have become, has left me extremely bitter and angry.

He died because of a brain tumour, he died because of lack of funding and research, he died because there was no treatment and cure, and this has left me without a spark in my eyes and an empty soul. I am doing this to raise awareness so I can make a difference and give hope to the thousands of people diagnosed with a brain tumour each year and their families.  I would like to thank my fellow team mates for taking part in this challenge with me and raising over £4,500!  We walked bare foot over red-hot embers measuring 800 degrees, no tricks, no special effects, just the team and the fire!  We will win the battle against brain tumours one day I know it and we are truly grateful for the continuous support.'

You can still sponsor the team through their Justgiving page





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