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iKnife: a new era for the treatment of brain tumours

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In its first patient trial, run by the scientists at the forefront of one of the Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, the iKnife has successfully proven its ability to accurately identify brain tumour tissue. This offers real-time analysis and therefore, immediate treatment options. The whole process takes a couple of seconds and is entirely non-invasive.

Brain Tumour Research Chief Executive, Sue Farrington Smith says "Advances in brain tumour surgery such as this are very exciting and gives hope to the thousands of patients and their families diagnosed with a brain tumour each year.

We are proud to be partnered with Kevin O’Neill and his pioneering team who are leading our Brain Tumour Research Centre at Imperial College. Our mission is to build a network of experts in the field of brain tumour research to improve outcomes for patients and ultimately find a cure. This technique and forthcoming trial will bring us a huge step forward in achieving our aims."

Read more about the iKnife trial and advancements here.

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